Fundraise to Help Yourself or Help a Friend is a fundraising donation platform that allows individuals and nonprofit organizations to raise money online in Nigeria. Join Fundraising platform to donate or accept donations online. We make online giving easy and simple. Create your perfect crowdfunding campaign right now.

UK Crowdfunding website to raise money for personal cause

Raise Funds in Nigeria

Raise money for personal cause, friends, family, club, community, charity or organisation. Set up fundraising campaign page and increase donations online.

Nigerian fundraisers platform

Online fundraising and crowdfunding page for Nigeria. Raise money for anything that matters to you online. Fundraise for personal cause, a friend, charity or organisation, and share your campaign page on social media in just a few minutes.

Crowndfund in 4 easy steps:


Create an account with to start a new fundraising campaign.

Tell your stories

Tell us the reason why you are raising money. Add images as a picture is worth a thousand words.


Boost your campaign by sharing your page to family and friends via Facebook, Instagram, twitter and more.


Accept donations online. Control, manage & collect funds securely.


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