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Raisefund is the best UK fundraising website for individuals, charities, clubs & communities to fundraise or donate money. Raise donations online for humanitarian reason.

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Are you looking for the best online fundraising website? is one of the best platform to run a successful online fundraisng campaign in United Kingdom.

How to start a fundraising campaign

  • Register

Create an account to start fundraising Campaign 

  • Tell Your Story

There is always a reason for any campaign. Maybe you are trying to raise money for your friend who was diagnosed with a disease or raise money for personal cause. Each Fundraising campaign has its own unique story and the best way you can connect people with your cause is to tell this story. Make sure that your story is in detail, the reason why you are raising money and what this cause means to you. 

  • Add a picture to your Fundraising campaign page

Pictures is worth a thousand words, so think about adding photos to your crowdfunding campaign story.

  • Share your page to social media 

Social media is the best platform to share your page to, especially platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful tools that can help spread your story. Always remember to thank your supporters because it makes them feel appreciated.

  • Set A Manageable Goals

Take time to think of what you will achieve through fundraising. How much money you intend to raise? How much time do you have? Make sure to set goals that you can achieve and the targeted amount! And remember your campaign’s end date can be changed and extended as many times as you’d like.

  • Update your Supporters

Keep your supporters up to date on how your campaign is going and any good (or bad) news you have to share with them.

  • Payment method

You get paid through PayPal and online bank transfer.

Start Fundraising donation online & raise money in UK for personal reason!

One of the best ways to raise donations in UK is to run online Fundraising campaign on

UK Fundraising Platform for personal cause

Raisefund is the best online fundraising donation website to raise money for anything. Set up fundraising donation campaign and accept donations online. You can start by raising money for your own personal need, a person in need, medical & health, schools, communities, non-profit & charity and lots more.

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