Fundraising for a Mercy Mission Expedition, Charity Challenge to Climb Mt. Kenya – Covid-19 Response

Targeted Volunteer Services (herein referred to as TVS),  is a community based organization whose mission is to take a front line stand to offer a hand of help to youth, women and children by offering a chance for them to realize their talents, revive micro-businesses, and assist beneficiaries to acquire formal education through bursary schemes.

Currently, all of us are affected by the ubiquitous Covid-19 and quite notably, families are suffering lacking food after losing their micro-businesses after lock down. TVS has shifted focus to this new uninvited angst and has been identifying, reaching out and helping selected groups with foodstuffs and materials for safety

Topcats Safaris Ltd is a registered tours and travel company that has many accolades especially that of participation in creation and broadcasting of the legendary BBC Big Cat Diary. Their passion for (sustainable tourism (tourism with a community, environmental and conservation focus) and admiration of TVS efforts created a new partnership for Mercy Mission Expeditions to advance Covid-19 response and Post Covid-19 recovery.

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Sponsorship & Participation Request

Firstly, we want to thank you for the opportunity to present a very real and unique opportunity to help selected families, youth, women and children severely affected by Covid-19. Targeted Volunteers services plans to donate foodstuffs revive stalled micro-business and assist with education bursaries.

Notably, Targeted Volunteer Services  (Community Based Organization) in partnership with Topcats Safaris has been on the front line, with little help available in ministering love to over 60 families since the lock down started in March 2020. Every week or fortnight, they have been reaching out with food supplies, cleaning and sanitizing materials to these groups (Facebook page &

We therefore are excited to present our plans for this event, and with the help of your valued contribution, raise Ksh.3.5 Million / 26,000 British Pounds through participation fees and sponsors contributions.

We believe that meeting that financial target will assist us in bringing about a greater awareness of this cause, facilitate the event while ensuring all safety guidelines and measures are strictly followed.

Most important of all, TRANSFER all proceeds to Targeted Volunteer Services who are aiming to assist 1000 families in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties in Covid-19 response, economic uplift and education bursary support. Meeting this goal is vitally important to bring about these beneficial results and that is why we are asking for much-needed help in a social responsibility.

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