Fund to safe Persons with Disabilities fron COVID-19

Conduct skills and capacity development Training to disabled youths

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Thimphu, Bhutan

My name is Kumbu Tenzin, a physically disabled man from Bhutan. I work as a trainer for the past 10 years in Dechen IT & Management Institute. I am delighted to present a project to conduct skills and capacity development Training to disabled youths in partnership with a Disabled Persons organization who are impacted by COVID-19 pandemic for which we need financial assistance of $ 8,500. The aim of the proposed project is

  • To contribute to the promotion of economic empowerment and employment and enhance more supportive involvement in creating smooth livelihood opportunities for person with disabilities and physically challenged people through implementation of CRPD articles:8, 9 and 27.
  • To keep the disabled employees engaged and avoid exposing to the COVID-19 pandemic by staying safe and to enhance their skills. To give guidance and support needed to protect them during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as many of them are part of the high-risk group.
  • Capacity development/skill training and technology transfer for smooth implementation of the income generation activities.
  • Increased knowledge, experience and enhanced capacities through new technology of income generating activities.

Therefore, we are approaching your good people in the world to kindly help us with the financial assistance. Those who wish to contribute and have any questions, contact me at

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