Free Kids Hand Hygiene Game for Covid-19

Planet One Reality has partnered with TipiTap to bring, an experienced children’s game developer, to bring an educational tool to Children to help with the battle against Covid-19

Given the COVID-19 pandemic , kids and parents are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. There is a need for safety and health training for young kids.

There is a great opportunity to develop a fun and educational set of mini-games that entertain, educate and help develop healthy habits in young kids.

Clean Hands Squad!

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Gloucester, United Kingdom (UK)

We are creating a free to download game for children, to teach them about hand hygiene

Clean Hand Squad:

  • Fun Stylised Character.
  • Teaches basics and sets up challenges
  • Break up basic hand-washing mechanic into components
  • Create Fun Mini games.

Challenge: Make it Fun & Educational

  • Teach right mechanics to wash hands: WHO recommendations
  • Make sure they understand the basic components of the technique and why they are important
  • Different parts of the hands need to be washed carefully
  • Takes effort and rubbing to clean
  • Needs water and soap
  • Make it fun and re-playable
  • Earn Badges and provide positive reinforcement


  •  Playable prototype Level 1, 2 and 3. May 7th.
  • Complete game Beta. May 30th
  • Fine tuning and publication: May 30th
  • Apple and Google might take a week to review the app and for it to go live.
  • The app will be free to download, will work in latest Android and iPhone devices

About Tipitap

With 10+ years of app gaming experience, Tipitap reinvents traditional children activities, games and toys for a touchscreen world. Award-winning products unleash the potential of the new technologies on touchscreen devices, weaving together fun with educational concepts. The result is effective, enriching and fun learning experiences.

Tipitap is well known for their award-winning and featured products including: Color & Draw for kids (Best of iTunes Rewind 2011, Children Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, Creative Play Magazine Best App 2012), Booksy: a learning to read platform (reached #2 in iPad education, recommended by Apple in Reading category) and HappiTaps. Best International Company 2012 in Launch EDU (San Francisco).

Planet One Reality produces training, touring and therapy experiences using virtual reality. We combine the world of reality and digital, using fully immersive computer generated animation, 360 videos and 360 photographic tours.

We offer an eco-friendly solution to training and touring; no travel, no environmental impact, low cost. A fully immersive, intimate virtual experience which emotionally engages emulating true reality in a portable environment.


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