Crowdfunding UK & JustGiving Alternative - Raise money for personal use

Raisefund is JustGiving Alternative & UK crowdfunding platform to raise money. We help our users raise funds for personal use online. Join UK Fundraisers now.

UK Fundraisers

Raisefund Crowdfunding UK platform have become a vital fundraising stream for individuals, organisation and charities that want to raise Funds quickly and easily online. Our platform connects UK fundraisers to donors through a real-world story.

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Crowdfunding UK For personal use

Raise cash online for yourself Or for a friend in need through personal crowdfunding. Join Raisefund UK alternative to JustGiving.

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UK alternative To JustGiving is JustGiving Alternative and a way to raise money for an individual, charity or organization by accepting donations through family, friends, strangers and more. You can share your crowdfunding page on social media to reach more potential donors.


If you’re looking for a way to raise money for personal use, why not raise money with Raisefund today? We make fundraising easy and we only charge 10% fee on donations to cover costs. 

UK Crowdfunding website to raise money for personal cause

Personal Crowdfunding UK

Are you looking for alternatives to JustGiving? is the best crowdfunding site suitable for individuals and organizations raising money for charities or causes that matter to them. Join UK fundraisers today.

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