Crowd Source Funding For Small Business

Welcome to UK crowd source funding platform where start-ups and small businesses get funding from a large number of people. connects small business owners with backers and supporters. We specialise in helping small businesses, start up, creatives & entrepreneurs to get fund for projects from large people online. Through Raisefund individuals, organisations & business owner can get the support and funds they need to turn ideas into reality. Backers come together online to support the initiatives they like by pledging money. Do you have a brand-new idea? Are you experiencing difficulty in funding your project? Source funds for business, schools, cause, & emergency with Raisefund – the best platform to create crowdfunding campaign page and start collecting money instantly


Crowdsource funds for causes & emergency

Nonprofit and Profit organizations can register to get funding for causes ranging from paying for medical bills, school fees, emergency and other expenses. Anyone with creative idea, small business startup & entrepreneurial can build a campaign and raise money.

What is Crowd source funding

Crowd Source Funding is the process of raising small amounts of money from the public through a platform. Its when a business, charity, organization or individual fund a project with small donations from a large number of people. Most of these crowd source funding happen via internet platforms.

Tips for Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

It requires a lot of strategies to create a campaign that people will perceive as a valuable project. Here are tips for making crowdfunding successful:

  • Tell A Story.

You need to make people understand the need for crowdfunding.

It is vital to introduce your project properly so as to get people interested in donating.

Your campaign story should offer some information about the project, the current situation and the solution. Emphasis on what you are hoping to achieve and why is your project important.

  • Upload Pictures & Videos

People prefer pictures & short videos over text. Make sure to include an engaging image & videos on your crowdfunding campaign page to lure in potential donors who prefer pictures & video over text. 

  • Set Goals

it’s important to set the total funding goals when creating a crowdfunding campaign, you should also specify the dead line. 

  • Set Price

You need to set the price you need and why. People need to know how much you asking for and where the money is going. 

  • Reward Donor 

Offering donor something in return for their support and as well thank you message note makes for a more successful campaign. 

  • Share Your Campaign

Once your crowdfunding campaign is published, start sharing your campaign page via social media, with family and friends, on blogs, emails and any other place where you can get donors. The wider your reach, the more donors you get for your project.

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